Side effects of changing admin password


usually i give default password while installing and i change to something else later but i realized that has some side effects, because when admin password is changed, it is not being changed at /etc/cyberpanel/adminPass

and side effects…so far i have observed.

  1. mail scanner is not working, i guess it is because of cyberpanel/ at stable · usmannasir/cyberpanel · GitHub
  2. before changing password, i am able to connect with web terminal and how it says error connecting to backend so i doubt, it is because of same thing.

PS: i have changed mysql password too, and i changed in other required parts aswell.

i guess team can take care of this issue.


@usmannasir I noticed this bug as well just now. The pw doesnt change in /etc/cyberpanel/adminPass after using sudo adminPass [newpw]

Change the password using the cyberpanel interface under modify users section.


Thanks, I wasn’t aware you could change the admin password from the panel. The docs say to do it from cli. 2 - Reset admin password via command line - Docs - CyberPanel Community

Anyway, I created a Github issue and it has already been fixed.


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