Show real Piwik (analytics) IP visitor behind Cloudflare?

For websites using Piwik as analytics behind Cloudflare, to show the real IP of visitors, the web server must be configured. I have looked up in the internet on how to configure it:
a. For Apache (mod_cloudflare):
b. For LiteSpeed Web Server: Get visitors real IP address when using LiteSpeed with CloudFlare | Server Sitters (Use Client IP in Header X-FORWARDED-for-HTTP)
c. And I havent found how to configure it for Open LiteSpeed with this Cyberpanel? anyone finds a way to configure it?

Thanks sir, but sorry is that for LiteSpeed Web Server (the paid version)? for the Open Litespeed (the free), is that possible? sorry I’m so new to all this

I mean, how to edit that in Cyberpanel / openLitespeed? a little lost here


This is my first time playing around with Cyberpanel and Litespeed and I didnt know that there was this web admin console :smile:

Thanks so much for the help from the great community here!