Should I keep mail dns records if I am using google workspace instead of cyberpanel email service

My domain emails are hosted in google workspace with appropriate mx records. Do i need the following?

  1. child domain in cp
  2. mail.domain entries in dns records (txt,mx,etc)
  3. ssl on mail.domain

If not needed, should we keep them as it is? or delete it?

Please advise!

Hello @iamstevenelson

You want to set up MX records for G Suite Gmail ?

Nope. gsuite mx records already setup and its working fine. my question is do we need default hosting mail.domain records such as child domain and other things mentioned above.

You can delete the mx records you do not need if you are not using cyberpanel mail server

How about txt records, child domain, mail ssl?

Delete these

Thank you. Thats all.

Hey Joseph, Thank you for reopening this topic. I see an active bug on this issue [BUG] Automatic creation and ssl installation. · Issue #1059 · usmannasir/cyberpanel · GitHub

Lets wait for the team to fix this.

Its getting created every 7 days ?

Yes! correct

Using the latest commit/update? which server os ?

Yes using latest commit v2.3.4 and the OS centos 7

Hello, how config mx google work ? i not working