Should I install and use both Memcached and Redis for my VPS (WordPress websites)?

When installing the Cyberpanel, it asked us to install both Memcached and Redis but I am not sure we should install and use both. Could you please give me some advice?


Hello @webmasteroffers

Using both or either is a preference but as a hosting provider you should offer both for alternative. There is no issue running both.

Thanks for responding. But I would like to know:

Redis stores object files but what is storing data in Memcache?

How does the Litespeed cache plugin work?

lscache uses an object cache to storesthe results of expensive and/or frequent database queries in a way that makes them easy to retrieve, and eliminates the need for repeated access to the database.

Object caching greatly reduces the time it takes to retrieve query results.

For example, your WordPress site’s options are stored in the database. Site options include things like the site’s name and URL. Every time a page is assembled for a visitor, it is necessary to access the database to read the site options. As you can imagine, these repeated queries for the same information represent wasted resources. With an object cache, you can query the database once, and save the results for a set period of time. During that time, whenever a page must be assembled, WordPress can get the site information from the cache. Accessing object cache is a much less resource-intensive prospect than accessing a database.