SFTP remote specify user, not root

Please add the option to specify SFTP remote login on remote backup / incremental backup.
I don’t see really why the root is needed if the only thing CyberPanel does is using SFTP as remote file storage. So having root rights are completely unnecessary.
Moreover there are some cloud storage, like OVH Cloud Archives, which do provide SFTP methods but doesn’t allow root access.

Go vote and comment on the issue created here > Hardcoded Root user limitation in remote backups. · Issue #165 · usmannasir/cyberpanel · GitHub

I definitely agree seems like an unecessary restriction.

One of the extra providers i like using rsync.net does not provide root either so i have not been able to use native backup for that.

I do have some scripts you might like though. With these you could easily setup a cron to rsync the full backups via rsync(or SCP with slight modifications for single or all domains on Cyberpanel)

agreed key-based should be just as doable. It just needs to be able to provide a path. I just use the raw bash scripts I linked above which uses my keys :slight_smile:

@whattheserver I have scripts what works with both rsync and rclone for full backup storage. But I’d rather like to have it in panel. Plus the new incremental backup feature sounds nice to have and frustrates it requires remote root access.

You have already stated that there will be a study on this subject.

I am using qnap and want to backup remotely.

But I cannot change the username. By default, it authorizes the “admin” user.

We cannot use the root user.
I want you to grant access to the root user.

So, I can transfer my backups to the qnap server.

Submitted experimental patch pull request for this

Needs tested still. I do believe this should enable support for this though for any username needed. It should default to using root if none is specified.