SFTP not working or CP breaks

Hello, not sure what my issue is, but i am running
Latest Version
Latest Build

And having issues with SFTP and Firewall.
If i revert my whole VPS to my working version, my SFTP is refused, and if i go into CP and click “Enable SSH”, i can log into SFTP.
But then my whole CP login gets wrecked, it refuses me and says it is going back to port 8090 when i have it changed to 2087 from before.

SSH does say 8090 at all times when i log in there.

“The server rejected SFTP connection, but it listens for FTP connections.
Did you want to use FTP protocol instead of SFTP? Prefer using encryption.”

I updated to OpenLiteSpeed 1.6.21 yesterday, idk if that might be the cause?

Found out that port 22 is not enabled by default in the firewall.