sFTP - Host not found in /root/.ssh/known_hosts

How to connect sFTP, since it is giving me a lot of problems help me

Hello @Carlos1995

Edit your /root/.ssh/known_hosts and remove all the keys that not valid or old.

SSH Host key is a unique identifier that is used to verify the identity of a remote host. When you connect to a remote host, the SSH Host key is verified against a list of known SSH Host key. If there is a match, the connection will be allowed to proceed. If there is not a match, the connection will be denied.


Use Root File Manager addon to edit /root/.ssh/known_hosts if you cannot do it on ssh or vnc

Can you explain me well?

Open ssh terminal

Ubuntu os - run the command nano /root/.ssh/known_hosts

AlmaLinux os - run the command vi /root/.ssh/known_hosts

I get this?

you have not helped me please

You need to generate an ssh key through terminal and copy the public key to remote host. To test the connection use ssh on your remote server and run

$ sftp root@123.456.789
Remote working directory: /root

This does not make any sense, the connection should be standard and should not require key for authentication, just the credentials of the service should already be enough. It should work the same way we connect to any driver directly from any normal desktop, on our desktops we do not generate keys to be able to connect and even then the connection is made. So the error is in the cyberpanel, I don’t see the point of requiring an ssh key to connect to the SFTP of a backup service. Most storage services for backups that accept SFTP connection, they do not allow you to enter any ssh key, such as one of the most used which is the hetzner.

Recently I broke my head trying to connect and to no avail.

So this setting does not work. And surely the friend above is trying something similar.

It appears that cyberpanel’s SFTP backup system was built for “server to server” connection and not for conventional backup services. This is the mistake.

If any party had to demand a key it would be the remote destination, that would make sense, but it is the cyberpanel that is demanding the key and not the destination, that doesn’t make sense. Unless it’s like I said above, it’s not built to work with conventional backup services that accept SFTP submissions.

It seems that it is server to server even.