Setup SFTP Backups

Dear Reader,

I have been trying to add our remote SFTP Storage as a Backup destination for CyberPanel. Unfortunately I get the following error whilst trying to connect the destination in CyberPanel.

Can someone please help us figure out what is going wrong? I would really like to maintain and create backups of the websites hosted on our CyberPanel server.

Host (our remote backup host) found: line 4

/root/.ssh/known_hosts updated.
Original contents retained as /root/.ssh/known_hosts.old
Wrong Password!


I am having the same problem, did you found a solution?

Sadly not we went back to plesk.

Found a “creative” solution that works for me

-Synology NAS → NFS mount (using fstab) shared folder to VPS
-Scheduled backups into the mounted folder @ /nfs/nas
-sFTP from my Synology NAS to a other back-up.


Make sure you are adding sftp as ‘root’ user, which mean sftp username must be ‘root’, so you need another vps for backup. I have faced same problem and it is now solved with this way.