Setup Apache Tomcat

How do I setup apache tomcat?

Setup Apache Tomcat

Are you planning on using Tomcat in place of LiteSpeed?

In that case you are going to find life a lot easier with an alternative control panel, because CyberPanel is completely designed around OLS / LSWS.

Or do you have some use case where you are planning on using Tomcat together with LS, in which case can you explain what you are trying to achieve?

I want to setup tomcat using cyberpanel. If this is not possible can i set it up aside from cyberpanel without breaking anything? I have tried several panels and i find either some ports dont work or i break something on the actual panel. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

just disregard S4, just setup tomcat as usual ( shadowfang provided a link ) with a port, like 3000, then do a reverse proxy to that port, there’s many options Setting up OpenLiteSpeed as a Reverse Proxy – OpenLiteSpeed

Slightly rude, but ok. I just asked a question because I think it’s easier to give informed answers when you know the use case more clearly.

Will leave you to it.

well just on that specific point, this is the cyberpanel community, of course the solution has to be how to make it work inside of cyberpanel… I’m pretty sure if I go to the directadmin community, the first thing they say is not “before even setting it up, have you tried another control panel?”

‘The solution’ should be the best solution for the use case. If that is CyberPanel then great, if it is not then that is what it is.

Also, my point really was that it is much more useful for people to provide more information when they post a question. This seems to be answered now anyway, so it’s all good.

yeah let him set it up, then complain later about stuff.

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