Setting up WHMCS on CyberPanel


I currently have 2 servers, 1 in US and 1 in EU. Both are running CyberPanel, the US server is running a .com domain and the EU server running .eu domain.

Ultimately, I want to run WHMCS as the system that automatically sets up hosting accounts on CyberPanel and I want the website where the clients come to ran on WordPress.

Can someone point me to a guide or YouTube guide or help me with a step-by-step how to do this best please?

Or do I simple create another server with WHMCS and then connect my CyberPanel servers to the WHMCS server? Is that how it’s done?

Can I just install WHMCS normally like I would install WordPress on a CyberPanel server?

Hello @p4trk

Yes you can just create a new website say and upload your whmcs files using file manager and proceed with whmcs docs on how to install

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