Set up nameserver with subdomain at different locations

Hi, I am getting issues of setting up subdomain for vps at different location. The details are:

A VPS server in US (ip -example), I set up with the main domain and First Nameserver ip (example) and Second Nameserver ip (example)

B VPS server in Singapore (ip -example), I set up the subdomain and ip point to ip . I create nameserver in Singapore with this subdomain and First Nameserver ip and Second Nameserver ip (example)

Then, I get issues when I enter and on the panel of domain suppliers namecheap and others, they do not accept these dns and

How can I configure dns records (or what else) on server in US and server in Singapore to make them work? Thank you soooo much!

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In the server one which have main domain use only that’s name servers and after that check the add records in the server b and update IP for the subdomain there

Could you tell clearer please?
Which records or what else to do on server 2 (server with subdomain in singapore)?
When I only use main domain and subdomain on server 1 in US, so and cannot be pinged.

i think you are not talking as cyberpanel user

well… global issue

why domain provider reject ns1… ?
thats because this: IN NS IN NS
private NS Configuration :
ns1 IN A
ns2 IN A

at server A you edit the zone…
add this IN A IN A 2.2,2,2 IN A

use registrar dns not private dns


Thank you for your reply so much!
I am using two servers with cyber panel.
And, I did as your solution but they do not work.

— and you said: or, use registrar dns not private dns
I do not know how to check dns not private or not, but I am using my own domain and subdomain.

---- it works on another way, but I do not like this way.
add dns nameserver with the own domain dns, (register domain suppliers allow):
Example: Domain point to ip ip (ip of singapore server)
It works.
Although I try to config Default Namservers for and for all domains on the server B in Singapore, the domain suppliers tell going wrong some ways (when using and
Could you please tell what the issue is? Thank you!

actually what you want to do…

i little lost here

Thank you,MyIDKaTePe for following the topic!
But, the solution does not work for the server in Singapore with subdomain.
Thank you again!

do you mind to PM me the domain name and sent me more info what is exactly you want as a final goal ?
maybe i can help