Server stopped respondong

Hello. Please I don’t know what is going on, my server keeps on going off. I am just a noob to cyber panel, after setting up my site for 2 weeks ago, everything was working fine. This week I notice my site is offline. I tried to access my cyberpanel dashboard it is also offline. That was not enough I tried to access my server via ssh, it is still not responding.

I have to restart the server using my contabo dashboard. Then everything will start working again as normal. It has happen on several occasions, I don’t know what next to do.

I just don’t get it. My site don’t even use up to 1 CPU core. My server spec is 4 CPU core and 8GB ram.

But it is very frustrated I am just thinking of how to fix this or I move to another panel.

Please kindly help me out on this please, I am just a noob to cyberpanel

Please help me out if you experience similar issue