Server not responding after installing CyberPanel

I’m using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Gen 1 hosted on Azure. after a successful installation of Cyberpanel on this server, I proceed with the reboot. but after the reboot, I am not able to SSH back to the server, I have tried all admin panel URLs as well but they are also not working. on Azure my server is showing up and running. I have tried restarting the server from Azure CLI but still nothing. after some time I fired up another instance on Azure and install Cyberpanel there, no help. this morning, I deployed a third instance of Ubuntu on Azure and installed Cyberpanel, and still no luck. I dont have any error code or anything else as am not able to SSH back in, not sure what else needs to be done. please help.

This seems firewall issue. Azure has there own firewall system and you need to whitelist the ports at azure level first including the SSH port no. 22

I thought the same, so I add a rule in Azure NSG allowing 1-65535 ports and after that everything got back to normal, I was able to access Panel, Rainloop, and Webmail. but allowing all ports is of course not a subtle option so I added the following ports:
21,22,53,25,80,433,8090,7080,587,465,110,143,993, 40110-40210 both inbound and outbound with protocol set to ‘Any’.
it was working till now but I had to reboot the server after some changes.
after reboot, the issue came back, and now again am not able to SSH and access web portals. is there any other port I have to allow apart from above mentioned?
I may believe it is Azure that is blocking my SSH connection, but why I’m not able to access the Panel, Rainloop, and Webmail is still a misery for me.

You can try contacting azure for this. This definitely is firewall issue. To make things work, you can disable cyberpanel firewall and try

sudo systemctl stop firewalld 

And then find out the reason for the issue and fix it. Check firewall related solutions only as it should be firewall which is blocking this.

After finding the issue, activate firewall with whitelisting of relevant ports.

I wasn’t aware there is firewalld exist. thanks for that.
I actually had installed ufw and allowed the ports from there. however, after purging ufw and allowing all the required ports including SSH on firewalld the issue remains still. waiting to get a word from Azure folks. I’m still suspecting there is something that is not allowing the server to fully boot up, maybe a port or a service but not sure which and how to apply a fix.

I am in process of getting azure student offer benefit. If I get it, I will test things out there and see if there is any complications with its firewall.