Server not accessible after reboot

On my OpenVZ VPS server i can not access the SSH or the Panel once i do reset.
Unfortunately i have lost all my data, even the backups, because i m not able to login to SSH.
I have ordered the same server setup to reinstall the fresh CyberPanel, and it happens always the same thing, after successful install, everything “works” so far, but once i do reboot, its not possible anymore to access to SSH or to the CyberPanel self…

I have contacted my provider support, and we have tried so many things, and we do think that is an CyberPanel bug, and not server side…

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Sounds lika firewall issue. You should disable all firewalls after you install by refusing to reboot once cyberpanel finishes its installation

$ firewall-cmd --state
$ systemctl stop firewalld
# disable the firewall so that it does not start once you reboot
$ systemctl disable firewalld

I can confirm there are no known bugs at the moment that can cause CyberPanel to fail after reboot. Maybe there is something your provider is not telling you.

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I will give a try once again, will inform you about the result.