Server message: Can’t connect to host “tcp://localhost:143”


Not new and not solved problem (in same topics in forum there is no one solution for this). Stabile error in CyberPanel with accessing Webmail:

Server message: Can’t connect to host “tcp://localhost:143”

systemctl restart lsws && systemctl restart lscpd && systemctl start do
vecot && systemctl status dovecot
sudo chmod 1777 /tmp
SSL reissue don’t help.

For first my VPS provider (all needed ports are open) and LiteSpeed tech. support - both them said that problem not on their side and should be in CybePanel.

P.S. After CyberPanel installing finish we alway have this message:
“Your provider seems blocked port 25 , E-mail sending may not work properly.”

Conditions: one provider on same plan with different combinations (all machines new installed, different OS and Web-server versions).
In any way here my results when Webmail accessing:

  1. Ubuntu 20.04 + OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.18 + CyberPanel 2.3.4 - access ok.
  2. Ubuntu 22.04 + bundle (LiteSpeed 6.1.2 Enterprise + CyberPanel 2.3.4) - no access, same error.
  3. Ubuntu 22.04 + OpenLiteSpeed 1.7.18 + CyberPanel 2.3.4 - no access, same error.
  4. Ubuntu 20.04 + bundle (LiteSpeed 6.1.2 Enterprise + CyberPanel 2.3.4) - access ok.

So like we see by 4 tests, problems still for today are in CyberPanel “missing certain dependencies or it is conflicts” with the Linux OS versions. Few months ago in CyberPanel for a long time was problem with SSL-issue when installing site (only with Ubuntu 22.04 and ok for 20.04) - looks for now like the functioning of the “CybePanel+OS” - bundle interaction is only partially completed or not finalized yet.

Having such a situation and a situation where there is no trivial and simplest solution yet, and on my VPS server (Ubuntu 22.04) there was nothing additional, and no settings or any specific configurations (everything is the same as by default and out of the box), except for a new installation of this CyberPanel with problematic mail access.

As an alternative, I created an additional VPS with Ubuntu 20.04 and CyberPanel on my pre-created subdomain.

Then I used the integrated function of migrating a site from one CyberPanel to another CyberPanel. Apart from installing panels and OS, the migration process itself is quite simple and fast. Everything works stably and passes through, including loging mail. With Duplicator, for example, it is a little more difficult, longer, and often more problematic.

True, CyberPanel will now be located at the subdomain address (And the site, where it was, will remain there. The main thing is that during the process, after backup restore stage finish, in next stage select installation to the required address in your panel list).

But the panel, if necessary, can be installed in the same way on a newly created VPS (with Ubuntu 20.04) on the primary domain. And take everything back from that subdomain to it again.