Server Error (-500)

1 i cant remove website.

no errors but green notify removes is ok.

2 /websites/createWebsite Server Error (500)

3 /websites/CreateNewDomain Server Error (500)

i understand why i create new domain and replace by rename old domain. but i forgot change chmod of renamed domain in www folder.

CENTOS 7. all is new of 25.04.2023
Cyberpanel 2.3 Build: 4

and domain not work no server response. its chmod of folder mistakes?

no response i forgot dns manage

check this post Create website or create domain error

and what ? errors too ?

there was way to fix … but now just upgrade your cyberpanel its fixed from source installation

i canr remove website from panel but have green notify was removed ((
cant add this site to panel
[“This website already exists. [404]”]

not fixed /websites/deleteWebsite

site removed by one second but not removed

html folder removed but domain not removed

pls help remove a domain cant work successefull

fixed today cool thanks!!!