Server Error (500) After update

Just updated my cyberpanel to the last version and I lost access to the panel.
I’m getting a Server Error (500)

anyone knows how to fix this?

submit your ticket, please.

submit your ticket, please.

hpw to fix this error after update ?

submit your ticket, please.

can you just post how to fix in here? since i’m update to 1.7.4 got some error.
it’s nice if have tutorial and not to wait until admin online :smile:

same here. internal server error after update.

I have this problem too, obviously it is a pretty common issue, a public response would be ideal! :slight_smile:

There were some changes today, we received few reports. Try upgrading again.

all good after running the update again… it fixes the server error… Thank you…

Where can I find the .sql file when the administrator is in error, I want to download and restore the last session.

I too getting server error. How to fix?