Security vulnerability found - Need security contact

Hello CyberPanel,

We, NCSC-NL received a report from an independent security researcher who has
found a vulnerability in your product. We would like to resolve the vulnerability that has been found. We are looking for a security contact within CyberPanel to discuss the details of this vulnerability. We tried contacting multiple times, but so far haven’t received a reply.

Do you have a PGP key, or e-mailaddress so we can safely send you some more information about
the vulnerability that has been found? We hope we can send sufficient
information for you to start an investigation and resolve this issue.

Best regards,

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Quoted him, he’s the main developer.

Send it at again we will check as we already did audit if there is anything we will check

I just send the email again, thanks!

what version that have this security vulner ?
have you re check to new 2.3.2 ?
i think you test using 2.2.1 era

Any update on this?

@shoaibkk @ncsc-nl :spades: