Safe to use Fish Shell?

Is it safe for me to install Fish Shell on the machine as the default shell?

Would not recommend it.

I was able to get away with it with Interworx. I was looking for a tutorial for installing it for just my site’s user account. Do you see a problem with that too?

You can go ahead for your site user.

Or maybe just install ZSH? I think that is SH compatible. I do love fish though.

I am sorry, can not say for sure, before personally testing it.

ZSH seems to be working good so far. I investigated a bit and ZSH is sh and bash compatible. You should consider making it default for CyberPanel. ZSH and Fish are so much easier to work with. Very nice clean, forward-thinking shells. In the case of ZSH, nothing to lose.

Any significant benefit features wise?

Allows you to quickly perform actions via the shell that otherwise take more time. Also nice things like the autocomplete is smarter and is always showing you a shadow in front of what you’re typing in case you want to autocomplete. Also pluggable and themable. I was using Fish before but now that I’ve tried ZSH with cyberpanel, I think I will switch to it because not being bash compatible can be a pain sometimes.

To get working with cyberpanel I just did:

yum install -y zsh git

usermod -s /bin/zsh root
usermod -s /bin/zsh myOtherUser

sh -c “$(curl -fsSL”

I can confirm it’s bash compatible because I just installed my python helper tools without needing any extra plugins.

I see, interesting.