Running UVdesk on CyberPanel Docker

Hello, I hope you all doing well.

I’m just experimenting with cyberpanel docker on my local lab. I’m trying to run UVdesk an open source helpdesk system just to learn how cyberpanel deals with docker.

I would love to get a demo from someone that got it working. I pulled the image docker pull dietermartens/uvdesk and I can access the installation page for UVdesk.

I would appreciate someone that tells me how to link my database outside docker with UVdesk and also how to link the local domain that I created (accessible and working) with UVdesk.

I know some stuff may not sound good if someone knows what’s doing, but at this point I’m just exploring and learning and I’m looking for a light.

Thank you in advance.

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For MySQL check this → Connect to remote MySQL db from docker container - Stack Overflow

For connecting domain. I would recommend that you also create a website in CyberPanel and then reverse proxy the traffic to docker container.


Thank you so much for your suggestions I really appreciate it. I will try that when I have free time and write a documentation for my experience here for others.

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Thank you so much bro