Rspamd instead of SpamAssassin

Depending on votes could you possibly add the option to have Rspamd.
Have used previously and is far better than SA

+1 for the feature

one more vote for rspamd

1_ for the feature.

After a few attempts I have successfully integrated Rspamd with Dovecot and Postfix.
Setup on Cyberpanel 1.8.6 and previously 1.8.5 using OpenLiteSpeed. Added virus scan, imap ham / spam learning pipe from emails moved to spam folder.

The web gui for Rspamd is accessed through password protected reverse proxy from localhost.

Just have to work out how to get rid of this cron showing as it gets logged, have 700+ records of it being clean /usr/local/CyberCP/postfixSenderPolicy/ hourlyCleanup

I have it running…have not used the gui though.

If you set up the PDNS recursor…you get access to all the RBLs and maps that are usually blocked at the larger hosting companies.

I had a well tweaked spamassisin on the other server…but as I move accounts to the new one with Rspamd I am seeing much better analysis / classification.

I kept looking at the logs because I thought the mailserver was not working…no more morning load of business loans and such.

Have had rspamd running in hestiacp (vestacp fork on debian based systems) for months with exim and spam decreased $150% before installing to postfix in cyberpanel.

Still trying to decide which one to go with for additional installs, both have pros and cons.

I think we can do Rspamd in near future.

I think we can do Rspamd in near future.

Far better than SA



Any news about this? More than a year from you say “near future”


I gave up using CyberPanel over 1 year ago but may try again.

While I did like the panel the need to add extra features not essential got priority instead of integrating additional OLS admin options eg add extra IP’s or basic panel features eg catchall email. if this was done it would be so much better and save time by not switching between OLS admin and CyberPanel.

All this time later they still never got added (just checked the demo)

Still have to use 2 panels to add IP’s and setup SSL ciphers, additional headers for PCI compliance. I only run my own sites and do not host anyone else but still caused a headache so use Hstiacp and ismanager

+1 for the feature

+1 Any news on this?

There is no rspamd after upgrading cyberpanel (Almalinux).