Roundcube webmail

Hello can you integrate roundcube webmail since it have new elastic responsive skin? Or as additional webmail client

Looks like it is still in beta.

Yes it will be released soon. Can it be integrated as additional webmail?

yes, let’s wait for their stable release.

RoundCube is not a secure webmail application.

Have a look at VestaCP, that was compromised due to a vulnerability in RoundCube.

AKr0nizz doesn’t cpanel include roundcube?

Yes roundcube 1.4 is awesome. Any update though ?

roundcube is a necessary evil, but always as a secondary… (or with option to install), cPanel and anothers panel use this interface

What about Horde?

Can you implement now responsive theme is released?

Is there any chance Roundcube will be implemented? Looks like it’s over 1.5 years this thread was started, and requesting it. What’s the current status?

Is there a way to install Roundcube ourselves?

Roundcube is better than Rain, please consider adding it.

2021 I still think that they should consider giving the option to install roundcube since rainloop lacks functions as simple as importing mail and the export option is only possible one at a time

I am also waiting for it?

rainloop more simple… and i like it…
of course because it bundled with cyberpanel so no need manual installation that will take a time for n00b like me

rouncube helps a lot with account management, most users use it mostly because of the interface and its adaptations, will rouncube be available for cyberpanel ?? is it still in beta?

We will most probably stick with Rainloop as it is light weight.

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I really hope roundcube will available

No plans for roundcube. Recently roundcube had security vulnerability. And as usman said, we will be sticking to rainloop for now.

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is there any changes to use rainloop but… we still can create email forwarder without create email account ( email acount forwarder and domain email forwarder )