root domain

is it possible to add a website with root domain? Im new with cyberpanel, I created sites with subdomains “panel,gpanel,fastdl” but when I created website with root domain ( it doesnt create the dns record and If I make it manually it doesnt read it. Any idea?


Did you register glue records/private name servers

Yep, Im using 2 domains 1 as nameserver and the other for my websites with the nameserver domain created the glue record and the respective dns “ns1,ns2” and my websites domain is pointed to those nameservers but when creating website with root domain “” it doesnt work, it works fine with subdomains “panel,gpanel,fastdl” but not with the root domain “

*I have a question a domain can be used as nameserver and main domain at the same time?

Do you see anything in CyberPanel main log file?

Reinstalled and created the website without creating the dnszone and it worked.