Rocky linux 8 503 error problem commands not working

I’m using rockylinux8 the following commands don’t work I just installed the server when I try to enter the administration panel I get a 503 error I wonder if these commands do not work because it is rockylinux

source /usr/local/CyberCP/bin/activate
pip install --ignore-installed -r /usr/local/CyberCP/requirments.txt

virtualenv --system-site-packages /usr/local/CyberCP
systemctl restart gunicorn.socket

Hello @bluesky Happy you are here

I don’t use cloudflare what can I do in this case I just installed the server 8090 I can’t enter the admin panel

Why did you have to run these commands? Did the error happen before are after you did these commands?

The reason I run the commands is because I can’t enter the server administration panel, 8090 server administration panel gives 503 error, I just installed the server, if there is a different solution method, you can write to login to the 503 server administration panel, I found these commands for the solution, if not wrong

Were you watching the installation did you see if anything fail to install correctly?

Can you access OLS webadmin console? If you can log in and check error logs