Restore problem wordpress database not restored successfully

I use hostinger default centos 7.9 with default cyberpanel installed

and I successfully backup my website ,
but when I retore it
the folder have come back but no database

and I check the error log

there is
[07.18.2022_13-09-58] Backup version 2.1.1+ detected…
[07.18.2022_13-09-58] Backup version 2.1.1+ detected…
[07.18.2022_13-09-58] Could not restore MYSQL database: WJnELxdsHdq1f! [restoreDatabaseBackup]
[07.18.2022_13-09-58] Failed to restore database WJnELxdsHdq1f. But it can be false positive, moving on…
[07.18.2022_13-09-58] (1396, “Operation CREATE USER failed for ‘WJnELxdsHdq1f’@‘localhost’”)[createDatabase]

and I login phpmyadmin, the first and after

is here

so , any one have same problem and need help.

thanks for your reading.

best regards

thanks , for your hlep .

now I have same problem on this link

Can you please check a few things if the root MySQL password is not changed and then check if this user is already there

I have check three files mysql root password is the same


I forgot if I have change mysql root password

thanks for your help

I delete website by cyberpanel , I think it will automtive delete the user , and database and websites .

Hi, maybe I have change my root password,

when I type mysql on ssh , it need password to moving on.

but on my another vps, I type in mysql , it will directly login into mysql cmd

, so you are right

and how could I reset back to the root default

Hi, yes you are right , I have change root mysql password, so the three file have one password

but , ~/.my.conf have a different password.

so , I change .my.conf the same passoword as

and it will restore perfectly .

thanks again for your professional help.

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