Restore from A to B failed

  1. i backup from cyberpanel A 1 website.
  2. backup success and taking places to /home/user1/backup
  3. i move it /home/user1/public_html
  4. from cli root@cyberpanelB : i run this
    4.a. cd /home/backup
    4.b. wget http://domain.cyberpanel.A/backupfilename.tar.gz
  5. at cyberpanel B i open restore

and… that happen

@die2mrw007 @usmannasir1 @usmannasir

I think you need to make and move it to /home/user1/backup folder. Have you tried remote backup option that is easiest way to move site to another cybepanel just fill old server ip and password cyberpanel do rest.

Re backup the site or try remote backup seem something not backed up

how come i can do this…
server A have:

at server B
i only need user1 backup

if i create home user1
restore still can run ?
afaik: it only restore on “no-match” username… or not existed website


file successfull uploaded to cyberpanel B /home/backup


Try remote backup option

already did (another thread, result…blank… only happen with server that i install after januari 2022)
for 2021 installer it working find

Remote backup - Support and Discussion / Web Server - CyberPanel Community

maybe @usmannasir @usmannasir1 can see this ?

I would give up and just manually migrate wp

yeah me too
but i stuck at email account
how to move the email account without changing the password :frowning:

Maybe try deleting all backups and make new backup if something corrupted on old ones

already did

all option
include destroy new VPS then rebuild again…
that’s why i post here
because i already try all option that i know

any solution ?