Request for features list of Cyberpanel's API and request a few additions.

Hi there,

I’m a huge fan of OpenLitespeed server and the fact that it is opensource with great community support makes it even better.
I’m building a web application that would require features such as email creation and setup, backup & restore, issuance of SSL all from and within app, and a bunch more but I would need to learn more about the Cyberpanel’s API.
As per my knowledge Cyberpanel’s API doesn’t support features such as email creation, backup and restore and DNS management using API, I need to have a direction in terms of relevant files using which either I could create those additions or team Cyberpanel add it and that would be a great help.

Looking forward for positive response.
Best Regards,
Omer Mustafa

Take a look at command line interface → cli [CyberPanel Docs]

Thank you so much for you reply, that is great addition to my knowledge but upon discovering I got to know it doesn’t support one click WordPress install, is there a way that can be done as well.

I was also hoping there might be an api function to install WordPress.