Request: CyberPanel area link in API (for Clientexec panel)

Hello dear!

I want to provide to my customers site’s hosting based of my server on LiteSpeed + CyberPanel.

As a billing panel of my customers, I want to use such an alternative to WHMCS as “Clientexec”. They already have a successful integration with Cyberpanel, to get acquainted with which you can here - CyberPanel Integration - Clientexec .
This is the complete integration, except for one: they cannot make a fast link to the CyberPanel Client Panel from its Clientexec billing panel: .

It would be very convenient if the hosting user from a bullet panel could go right away to the server panel, for example: from myhosting .com/clientexec_billing at Server-1.myhosting. com:8090

I have already specified this with those. Clientexec’s support replied that they could not implement such a quick transition to the Cyberpanel control panel due to the lack of an appropriate option in the API on the CyberPanel side.

Based on this, I have a request for you: could you add such a small option at the Cyberpanel API, which would make the address of the server control panel? In automatic mode or in manual creation link mode to the control panel in the Cyberpanel settings by the administrator?

Important: it is necessary to take into account the fact that 1. Cyberpanel control panel can be on the domain address, and not at the IP address by default (for security), 2. Standard port 8090 panels can be changed to another, compatible with Cloudflare (old well -known problem which is decided by changing the port of the CyberPanel by administrator).

P.S. I, like the Clientexec developer, could not find a method in your API that would return the link to the domain name of the Cyberpanel control panel for the fast transition from the Clientexec billing panel to the Cyberpanel hosting panel.

Thank you in advance for the answer!

This is something that needs adding although it believe this feature is available when using WHMCS so maybe it could not be added in ClientExec now.