Request body is too big

there is an error on the web application when we try to upload a big file like 2 gb , it give us the error : Request body is too big! 3679440531

also we have already increased the upload max size and the max_input_vars and the post_max_size but still it give us this error on big files

how can i fix that please ?


Web server itself can not upload file this big, use filezilla.


thanks for your quick reply

i think you don’t understand the problem

first we use a transfere application where users can upload files and share them with other people , we can not ask our users to use filezilla , it’s not propfessional , also we have very prowerfull dedicated servers so it must allow us to uplaod any file size , also on cpanel and plesk it’s fixed by increasing the “LimitRequestBody” , so can you please asks yours developers or ingenieers how we can fix that in the cyber panel ?


agree with this
but AFAIK it will impact to system performance
even my self is sometimes “pushed” to use “this” FTP client software because “that” ftp clieent FTP software is not compatible
lucky me, my cyberpanel right now fully manage by me. not my customer.


Its not about server. Web server does not allow more then 2GB upload.

thanks for the answere

also is there any thing that we can edit on your cyber panel so that it accept that ?

because on cpanel once we upjusted the “LimitRequestBody” we was able to upload big files