REQ - Pterodactyl Install via Docker

Hello everybody.
Well, I think both ptero and cp are great; unfortunately I can not install them together.

I’ve tried doing the standard installs, I’ve tried installing ptero first and then cp and vice versa but there’s always something wrong with mariadb.

So I guess the best solution is to install cp first, and via docker ptero.

I’m not an expert, on google I can’t find anything specific about it; so I try to ask here, maybe there is someone who can explain to me how I can do it.

Thank you!

Hi, I am now trying to download pterodactyl through Docker, I wanted to know what happened with you so that we can share experiences

I want to know the same. I have installed CP and ptero via docker in CP but whats next?

I think Pterodactyl panel and deamon working in cyberpanel would be an awesome combo.