Removing unused php versions from CyberPanel

Hello, I installed cyber panel with centos7 on virtualbox. I couldn’t remove the php versions I didn’t use.

I tried yum remove lsphp5* with this code but unfortunately it was not successful

yum search lsphp

see which lsphp packages are installed and then remove them.

I looked at this but

No packages are marked for removal

remove code:

yum remove lsphp5*

is not working

did you do this? whats the results?

I am not sure if this answer would help but this is how I find the PHP version of a website. The phpinfo() function, which prints different information about the PHP server, including its version, is the most trustworthy approach to find out what version of PHP is used for that specific website. Once you know what PHP version you have, you can either delete or restrict access to the file.