Removing port 8090 is not working

I am using CyberPanel with Cloudflare and I want to remove port 8090 when accessing CyberPanel even when I’m using proxied Cloudflare(orange cloud).

I followed these instructions from How to remove port 8090 from CyberPanel - CyberPanel

However, it doesn’t work. These are my config for the XML file and the rewrite rule.


proxy cyberpanel 100 60 60 0 0 ...

For the rewrite rule,

  1. I access CyberPanel in port 8090
  2. Click Websites and select the website that I specifically created for this redirect.
  3. Under Configurations, I click Rewrite Rules and then I added

RewriteEngine On
REWRITERULE ^(.*)$ HTTP://cyberpanel/$1 [P]

I saved and exit. Then I tried accessing but it failed.

With Cloudflare proxied on, I could access it with I can’t even access With proxied off(grey cloud), I can access the panel through, but not without 8090 port.

Can someone help me please?

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