Removing Let's Encrypt Certificate To Install Cloudflare's OpenSSL

I accidentally installed Let’s Encrypt SSL on one of my websites. I use Universal SSL from Cloudflare and also want to use this one on that website.

Things I have done:

  1. removed lines from vHost
  2. removed listeners>SSL key from Openlitespeed
  3. replaced key and certificate in SSL
  4. Removed and added website multiple times

After all this, I still get the certificate issued by ‘E1’ instead of ‘Cloudflare Inc ECC’.

Is there any other way to replace the certificate from Let’s Encrypt to Cloudflare Universal SSL.

Don’t remove letsencrypt SSL set cloudflare SSL option full so data between your server and cloudflare is encrypted.

Thanks for the quick reply. Sadly, that’s not a solution.
I want Cloudflare to manage SSL certificates both for the user to cloudflare (which is automatically applied) and cloudflare to the server (which has Let’s Encrypt but I want to use Universal SSL), not from Cyberpanel.

When I add the PEM key and cert of CF origin, Cyberpanel does show the green window of Cloudflare SSL with expiration, however, on the domain URL it’s still ‘E1’

Then go to manage website section on cyberpanel and add SSL manually from there, that should override LE certificate.

I already did that. Still, showing the Let’s Encrypt certificate on the green padlock.

Try with other browser or incognito mode.