Remote backup not working

I’m facing same issue in remote backup. Do you please guide how i can transfer all backups remotly. I’m attaching the error below.

[07.19.2023_23-11-02] Host: could be down, we are continuing…
[07.19.2023_23-11-02] Currently generating local backups for: [mydomain . com]
[07.19.2023_23-11-02] Starting local backup for: [mydomain . com]
[07.19.2023_23-11-04] Waiting for backup to complete…
[07.19.2023_23-11-11] Backup process killed. Error: 1325
[07.19.2023_23-11-11]Failed to generate local backup for: mysite. com. Error message: Backup process killed.
[07.19.2023_23-11-11] Backups are successfully generated and received on:

[07.19.2023_23-11-12] Backup Restore complete

Anyone please help me to migrate cyberpanel from one vps to other vps. There is more then 50 domains and It’s not a good way to migrate site by site. So, please help me by providing the best method to migrate the cyberpanel to cyberpanel