Remote Backup (Import websites) import everything but database

Hi amazing community,

I just followed the remote backup guide in order to migrate sites between cyberpanel installations, in resume:

  1. Set API to ON.
  2. Set SSH port on both server to 22
  3. Went to Backup → Remote Backup and put remote IP and password.
  4. Fetch all remote sites, pick one or two and start the process.
  5. Wait until finish, no error.
  6. Checked site: created, all files and permissions ok.
  7. Checked database: created, empty, no tables - only database with permissions.

Investigating, unziped backup tar.gz and the .sql seems empty:

May be there is a problem with backup script or permissions, but anything else seems to work, can you help me to fix it?

I am using this version on both servers:

Current Version: 2.3
Build: 5
Current Commit: c97df70156acd8d6a005d7b10e9f6a0aaf900c23

Just did transfer, and database seems fine.

OS used ubuntu 20 and 22.

not seems an issue just tried to reproduce

And what could be the problem? I’ve done it about seven times and all with the same result.

we ca only know if you share some logs.

Please tell me the path of the logs and whether it should be on the source server or the new one. A Greeting

Please check this: Log files on CyberPanel

Thanks, there was nothing regarding the backup at the main log: /home/cyberpanel/error-logs.txt

And there is no related issue at anywhere on both machines, the only clue we have is that .sql file is 0 bytes, is totally empty inside the backup .tar.gz so the problem must be when dumping the databases every single time I execute the remote backup process.

Did you turn on the debug logs?

Thanks, the error is the following:

mysqldump: Got error: 1130: “Host ‘’ is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB server” when trying to connect
[03.15.2024_15-08-52] Database: medu_medusascaribecould not be backed! [createDatabaseBackup]
[03.15.2024_15-08-52] Failed to create database backup for medu_medusascaribe. This could be false positive, moving on.

This happen with every site I try to import

seems like a db permission/configuration problem, but is default as installed.

Thanks for your help

My bad, I did a modification on my.conf disabling dns resolve, this was causing the issue. Thanks a lot for your support!

great. Hope it also helps someone else in future.

I hope this too. Only have to comment this line or delete it from my.conf at /etc/mysql/mariadb.conf.d/50-server.cnf




@usmannasir by the way, what happen if my pc suspends while migrating from one server to another? the site said that i have to refresh but I can’t see the progress anymore:

but if I see the log at remote origin, I can see it continue packaging and sending the backup:

[03.18.2024_13-00-06] invalid literal for int() with base 10: '[19/Dec/2023:09:25:49' [calculateBandwidth]
[03.18.2024_13-00-08] list index out of range [calculateBandwidth]
[03.18.2024_13-00-09] invalid literal for int() with base 10: '/xmlrpc.php' [calculateBandwidth]
[03.18.2024_13-04-03] habbi--------open file:/home/cyberpanel/remote_port
[03.18.2024_13-04-25] This backup file is run
[03.18.2024_13-04-25] Domains matching query does not exist.. [179:prepMeta]
[03.18.2024_13-04-25] /home/
[03.18.2024_13-04-25] /home/

Also, on destination server I can see the backupo folder increase in size and .tar.gz’s from sites that are being backup - there are more than 100 sites on this migration, want to know if they can finish at background or should I start from beginin.

Thanks again.

It is recommeded to keep the PC connected, backup may run in background but I recommend to keep pc connected.

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