Refresh Tutorial For Each Option @ Cyberpanel

Currently: some tutorial currently doesnt have much info
sample: about incremential, backup/restore

request: full step by step for using cyberpanel backup/restore incl. incre and remote
or other feature like:
install/uninstall WP
add/remove domain

some of them are already exist on community, but it will better if we have official tutorial.

Agree on backup/restore but if need tutorial install/uninstall WP even I always say people not listen if someone say stay away from VPS if you can’t… But if can’t install WP maybe those people will do better on managed/shared hosting.

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i mean from panel
remember ppl already use “old” panel that give them install and uninstall wizard

i agree with this :stuck_out_tongue:

but like @usmannasir said at compare cyberpanel vs cpanel
“…nowaday people can get VPS more cheaper than shared hosting…”
it only need some lines about install
and more someline about how to remove the WP delete this remove this repair htaccess if needed and soon…

if anyone agree please upvote

Which tutorial do you want to improve?

  1. backup /restore include remote
  2. installation from zero to add package and website

actually, it’s too many… as i can see many people here keep asking same question repeatly, and we cant find the answer from doc.

if you want to upgrade the tutorial…

i will help you to find the tutorial that need some improvement…
low priority ofcourse.