Redis Working or Not Via LS Cache Plugin


I was doing some tests on WP Benchmark Tool.

I have the default Cyberpanel settings which have Redis installed by default. I’m using the LS cache plugin to manage it. Here are the Redis section settings:

Object Cache = On
Status = Enabled and Passed
Method = Redis
Host = localhost
Port = 6379

When I do WP benchmark test with these settings I have a score of 7.4 where the Persistent object cache enabled = 0 while the write = 10.

When I install the WP Redis Plugin and activate it and do the test the score improves to 8.4 where the Persistent object cache enabled = 10.

I tried checking the redis ping via SSH. It returns with ‘PONG’ which is okay, I guess.

Why is the benchmark saying Redis read is not enabled on LS cache plugin?