Redis fail

I started from official package on Google and finished at Linode. Ubuntu completely fail and CoentOS alegedly should be fine on Linode. So, on Google redis extensions are not presented at all (and on Linode Ubuntu). However, neither Linode CentOS don’t working despite that all CLI testings pass well.

P.S. - Google official package is complete disaster with many problems, plus build 2.

To not forget, if this is followed by anybody from LST, will be nice to write down what to do in case:

  1. (CentOS) When all required appear installed, but connection fail. Nothing from docs page help.

  2. (Ubuntu) PHP extension is not installed by CyberPanel, but cli installation (sudo apt install php-redis) also not help at all.

apt install php-redis will not work on lsphp

Please try to install like yum install lsphp71-pecl-redis or apt install lsphp71-pecl-redis if you want to install for php7.1 or change the version accordingly for install command