Redirect loop detected SSL issue

3 months passed and Cyberpanel tried to update the LetsEncrypt certificate,
But there is an error “Redirect loop detected” and it fails.
Finally issues a self-signed SSL which is not what I need.
Anyone can help to fix this?

when I try to access my website via browser I am redirected to

I was in real panic mode because for 24 hours my website was down. As far as I read the forum looking for information there were many people with the same issue: 30 redirects and wrong path to the certificate.

Finally, it is back online
How I sorted this:

  • removed website from Cloudflare completely (yes I thought this was the main problem)
  • made a backup from the cyber panel dashboard
  • downloaded backup file to my computer
  • deleted my website all from the server
  • uploaded backup file to /home/backup/
  • restored backup from the CP dashboard
  • issued new SSL certificate
  • it is working fine

Now I don’t know what to expect again after 3 months.
Because 3 months before there were SSL problems as well…

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