Reactivate SELinux & How to upgrade packages

Hello everyone, I’m just trying this panel, and I must say that it seems fantastic! everything works immediately.
I only have two questions:

  • during installation do you advise to disable selinux, but after installation can I reactivate it or should it be left disabled?
  • to update the packages manually, for security reasons, can I use yum update, or do I have to update only when a new cyberpanel build is released following this guide?
    Upgrading CyberPanel - CyberPanel

You can not enable SELinux again, you will not be able to use some features. However running yum update is your choice, you can run any time.

ok, thank you, and do you recommend manually updating often, or waiting for the cyberpanel new builds?

It is better to run updates whenever they are available, later it will be automatic.

Do we need to disable to SELinux on ubuntu 18.04, before building a cloud image as mentioned here?

Build CyberPanel Image · litespeedtech/ls-cloud-image Wiki · GitHub