Rainloop/Snappymail sending mail but I'm not receiving

Hi, I’ve successfully done the email setup for my domain.

Now, the problem is that the rainloop (now snappymail), is sending emails to other mail such as Gmail, outlook, etc. but they (Gmail & outlook) aren’t receiving those emails.

However, if I send an email from Gmail/outlook to my custom email, the snappymail receives it well in seconds.

Where I’m lacking? How can I receive the snappymail emails on my gmail or any other email service?

Please help.

Most of VPS providers block ports that needed for out going mail by default. You need to request your provider to open ports.

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Which ports need to be open? And what exactly do I need to ask digital ocean support for?

I contacted Digital ocean support but they refused to open ports due to some valid reasons. However, I still managed to get this problem fixed by using the SendInBlue SMTP service.

Here’s the video on it:

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