Rainloop problem: Can't connect to server

After I installed cyberpanel with litespeed, I create a new website with additional feature create mail domain. After that, I create new email with that domain. Ex: me@mydomain.com

I try to open it in railoop webmail and login, error message: can’t connect to server.

I login to rainloop admin, go to domains and see mydomain is there. I haven’t installed any plugins so it’s a very clean install. However, there is another problem.

Try the IMAP and SMTP with SSL, there is an error message:
stream_socket_client():peer certificate CN=‘www.example.com’ did not match expected CN=‘mail.mydomain.com

Btw, I have issued SSL for mailserver: mail.mydomain.com

Tried with STARTTLS for both IMAP and SMTP, there is error message:
Can’t enable STARTTLS

I have restart postfix with this: sudo service postfix restart.

Still got the issue… Now, I don’t have any clue on how to fix this. Please help.

I’m quite new with cyberpanel and server setup. Trying to learn and contribute if I can. Thank you.


Still can’t enable STARTTLS but I can use SSL now…
Somehow, I need to do 2 steps to enable SSL for my mail.mydomain.com to solve this problem.

Go to website → child domains and issue SSL for mail.mydomain.com from there.
Click modify to check whether Let’s Encrypt succeeded with the SSL.

Go to SSL-> Issue SSL for mail server. Issue SSL again from there for your mail.mydomain.com

After that, I can login to my rainloop webmail normally and I can test IMAP with SSL without any issue. Both SMTP and IMAP are working well now.

Oh, in rainloop admin make sure in security → SSL is uncheck for require verification of SSL certificate.

SMTP is working now…

So, in rainloop admin I unchecked the security → SSL (Require verification of SSL certificate used (IMAP/SMTP).

Now, everything is running smooth.

Hi andesjeslis
thanks for sharing I am facing the same issue, so the SSL certificate for mail.mydomain.com needs to be generated 3 times in order to be able to connect to the webmail normally? Or did only one certificate was generated? (and files put in the right place when doing this?)


Remember to disable any cloudflare proxy for mail.mydomain.com & try to use port 465 withh SSL.