Rainloop can receive mail, but does not send

I have SSL for the mail server. Messages show in the sent folder, but I have sent to gmail and outlook email accounts and it has not been received.

From those same gmail and outlook accounts I have sent a email to myself (rainloop acct) and I received it. If I hit reply, the message shows as sent on my end but the receiver will never get it in their inbox.

To                         Action      From
--                         ------      ----
80                         ALLOW IN    Anywhere
443                        ALLOW IN    Anywhere
25                         ALLOW IN    Anywhere
587                        ALLOW IN    Anywhere
465                        ALLOW IN    Anywhere
110                        ALLOW IN    Anywhere
143                        ALLOW IN    Anywhere
993                        ALLOW IN    Anywhere
80 (v6)                    ALLOW IN    Anywhere (v6)
443 (v6)                   ALLOW IN    Anywhere (v6)
25 (v6)                    ALLOW IN    Anywhere (v6)
587 (v6)                   ALLOW IN    Anywhere (v6)
465 (v6)                   ALLOW IN    Anywhere (v6)
110 (v6)                   ALLOW IN    Anywhere (v6)
143 (v6)                   ALLOW IN    Anywhere (v6)
993 (v6)                   ALLOW IN    Anywhere (v6)

If someone can please explain in detail what I am doing wrong and what settings I should change. I can see more screenshots if needed. Thank you in advance.

Here’s the MX record screenshot

detail: ?

cyberpanel version ?
do you using cloudflare ?
domain name ?

if that info (domain name) is secret (privacy) please PM me the domain name

Make sure ports needed for mail is opened from service provider too not just your own firewall.
By default almost all VPS providers block ports for sending mail, you need open ticket request open ports.

I am hosted on Hetzner cloud, so contacting them would not be helpful for server.

CyberPanel v2.3.

Unfortunately I do not have the ability to send you a direct message.

In CP, I go to Mail Queue, and it shows as deferred. Below is the log:

postcat: name_mask: all
postcat: inet_addr_local: configured 2 IPv4 addresses
postcat: inet_addr_local: configured 3 IPv6 addresses
*** ENVELOPE RECORDS deferred/5/50CCE1777A4 ***
message_size:            1369             765               1               0            1369               0
message_arrival_time: Sun Jun 19 17:02:55 2022
create_time: Sun Jun 19 17:02:55 2022
named_attribute: log_ident=50CCE1777A4
named_attribute: rewrite_context=local
named_attribute: sasl_method=PLAIN
named_attribute: sasl_username=username@thisisnotmydomain.com
sender: username@thisisnotmydomain.com
named_attribute: log_client_name=localhost
named_attribute: log_client_address=IPv6:::1
named_attribute: log_client_port=37966
named_attribute: log_message_origin=localhost[::1]
named_attribute: log_helo_name=thisisnotmydomain.com.com
named_attribute: log_protocol_name=ESMTP
named_attribute: client_name=localhost
named_attribute: reverse_client_name=localhost
named_attribute: client_address=::1
named_attribute: client_port=37966
named_attribute: server_address=::1
named_attribute: server_port=587
named_attribute: helo_name=thisisnotmydomain.com.com
named_attribute: protocol_name=ESMTP
named_attribute: client_address_type=10
named_attribute: dsn_orig_rcpt=rfc822;big_daddy_c_98@yahoo.com
original_recipient: big_daddy_c_98@yahoo.com
recipient: big_daddy_c_98@yahoo.com
pointer_record:               0
*** MESSAGE CONTENTS deferred/5/50CCE1777A4 ***
regular_text: Received: from thisisnotmydomain.com.com (localhost [IPv6:::1])
regular_text: 	(Authenticated sender: username@thisisnotmydomain.com)
regular_text: 	by mail.thisisnotmydomain.com.com (Postfix) with ESMTPSA id 50CCE1777A4
regular_text: 	for <big_daddy_c_98@yahoo.com>; Sun, 19 Jun 2022 17:02:55 +0000 (UTC)
pointer_record:            2155
regular_text: DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/simple; d=thisisnotmydomain.com.com;
regular_text: 	s=default; t=1655658175;
regular_text: 	bh=Lf9rilI4TQqk5NV+r7eFY5Zgjx17oW0fEycaiPF/SZ4=;
regular_text: 	h=Date:From:Subject:To:From;
regular_text: 	b=pRbK1q8SN3nNfurSThYHr9hIiIdYjZGWiKCw1HXQxa7gtfyMFPeC00jWrQ0/t+sTQ
regular_text: 	 t8FjP3dYc0fErHMaMZSPPAY3e7GLiatnhwhYEEYPHlAN8IZlVb4qvoFFA4r9Hh7rRq
regular_text: 	 mzl9DPnlsUH3AEfNmY6Yj6j8BsWm4aSZ4RNTcFEiaU60HBzgV5toYK6SVVs9HG79oO
regular_text: 	 O7kqWQCXVvKkwMh20IjzgQiThYgGB7FGr0aelgzMdh3oIj5Y9rmqZZB3nTLOMr/xKu
regular_text: 	 0/wMznCanOsnsMET9KtpKOyFjb4CGHcIS8WjyLtMRCSxRBdBqlJJYim7BPfo8pTkrd
regular_text: 	 L019f0Af/LUdA==
regular_text: MIME-Version: 1.0
pointer_record:            1025
regular_text: Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2022 17:02:55 +0000
regular_text: Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
regular_text:  boundary="--=_RainLoop_431_127371290.1655658175"
regular_text: X-Mailer: RainLoop/1.16.0
regular_text: From: "Cornelius Wilson" <username@thisisnotmydomain.com>
regular_text: Message-ID: <852753698b264a74684d3830637974b2@thisisnotmydomain.com.com>
regular_text: Subject: Will This Work This Time?
regular_text: To: big_daddy_c_98@yahoo.com
pointer_record:               0
regular_text: ----=_RainLoop_431_127371290.1655658175
regular_text: Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"
regular_text: Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
regular_text: Please ignore this email. I am only testing if I can send mail or not. Th=
regular_text: ank you.
regular_text: ----=_RainLoop_431_127371290.1655658175
regular_text: Content-Type: text/html; charset="utf-8"
regular_text: Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
regular_text: <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><meta http-equiv=3D"Content-Type" content=3D"t=
regular_text: ext/html; charset=3Dutf-8" /></head><body><div data-html-editor-font-wrap=
regular_text: per=3D"true" style=3D"font-family: arial, sans-serif; font-size: 13px;"><=
regular_text: br>Please ignore this email. I am only testing if I can send mail or not.=
regular_text:  Thank you.</div></body></html>
regular_text: ----=_RainLoop_431_127371290.1655658175--
pointer_record:               0
*** HEADER EXTRACTED deferred/5/50CCE1777A4 ***
pointer_record:               0
*** MESSAGE FILE END deferred/5/50CCE1777A4 ***

i just read your domain name at PM,

now… what you want to do

outside ====> your mail server = success
your mail server ===> outside = failed ?

like that ?

delete the emailuser@yourdomain.tld
then re try:

what the complete version

So I went to /email/deleteEmailAccount, selected my domain, and then deleted the specified email address. I then went to create email /email/createEmailAccount, and remade it. Access email (had the same emails in the sent folder btw) and tried to compose again and it still did not work.

lets we start with cyberpanel version
what is your cyberpanel version

ok… let test this
forget your old email then create a new one… slow down… 1 by one…
after create
do not do anything except login to rain loop…
screenshot here or inform here the folder (inbox sent etc etc)

i will be here for next 3 hours (maybe more lol)… dont worry

That is what you need to do. Open ticket to their support and ask them open mailing ports.
You need to tell them how you use your mail server that you ain’t spammer etc…
You ending doing days trouble shooting if you wont check very first is VPS provider allowing use those ports. Its not enough you open ports from your own firewalls. Try this port check insert your server IP and port 25 to see is it open.

By default pretty much all VPS providers block ports for sending mail. To prevent spammers/scammers.

I used that website, the port is open it shows.

Ok I deleted the email yesterday. I just recreated it now.

Now I am creating under domain.com. Should I also be doing something with the mail.domain.com ?

Sending mail still does not deliver, it just sits in my sent folder

What mail log tells you? Check all DNS records are correct screen shot your A, mx and txt record here too.
If ports are open and DNS set right mails should work.

You can see those screenshots at Imgur: The magic of the Internet . Unless you need screenshot from my domain registrar?