Rainloop Authentication Failed Problem

Hello guys,
Please I just installed Cyberpanel on my VPS, and I created a website and also set up email but I can’t log in to Rainloop. I keep getting an “Authentication Failed” problem. Please how can I solve this?
I was asked to contact support for “Email Debugger”, will it fix the “Authentication Failed” problem for Rainloop?

Are you referring to rainloop admin panel or the user panel?

Can you please check if your site has a valid Mail server SSL?
Add you domain here and show me the results

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Another reminder: the Admin PW to rainloop is set in the config file. It must be encrypted. Only the initial version of the passwort “12345” is allowed to be placed unencrypted. But beware: If you wanna login as admin you always have to alter your url wit ?admin at the end. Admin Login will not work on the “normal” login mask.

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