Rainloop - Authentication failed error

Screenshot 2022-04-08 225207

try change the password from cyberpanel admin

already did, many times.

you can see my MX record right or wrong here

login auth failure is not related with MX

can you screenshoot the URL ?
im affraid if you already enter correct password
then “maybe” you enter the admin section


You need to log into the admin panel to make sure the domain connection is working as it should.

Once you get into the admin panel, click your created domain and click “Test” if everything is green, it might be an permission issue, if something is red, you need to fix the problem either by opening ports, using ssh or by resetting the email setup with help of https://cloud.cyberpanel.net/

Username: admin
Password for your admin panel can be found here:

if select Security None showing: MailSo-Net-Exceptions-SocketReadException (NetClient.php ~ 523)

if select Security SSL/TLS showing: stream_socket_enable_crypto(): SSL: Connection reset by peer

Mail Server Test Results

All required port is open.

Please show the results of your domain for //email/testTo:

After using Generate random password, and use the generated random password, the Authentication failed issues were solved.

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