Questions about v2.3.1

It doesn’t seem to be showing the latest commit.

Should I be looking somewhere else?

Also, how do we gain access to the Root Level File Manager?

And what is the Google Drive Backups Retention feature?

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I updated CyberPanel to *-dev several times and also got that two options, but now and in future it seems to be paid feature as low as:

Root File Manager and Google Drive Backup Retention
$4.99 per addon monthly
$28 per addon semi-annualy
$54 per addon yearly

I think this is fair enough from development team to support them for hard work since some of us (as me) using this software to offer third-party clients hosting solutions.

Will be happy to purchase and use Root File Manager on a daily basis.
Keep up good work!

it’s looklike you need re-upgrade lol

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too bad root filemanager is premium add-on :frowning:

I proposed the feature, and it was rejected. now i get the feature but have to pay


@rberet Where did you get those pricing details?
@MyIDKaTePe I just upgraded again and restarted the server and the commit details still dont show…

I also see this in CyberPanel Cloud

i just run upgrade 1 times… and press enter for latest version option

@nick.chomey Here it is: CyberPanel Addons

Also, prices on subscription basis are listed (after choosing billing period) at cloud panel as on screenshot:

Cloud panel login


I hope this don’t go that direction that all backup options, CSF, Modsecurity etc… will become premium addons on future.

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afaik spamassasin was develop by other people outside the cyberpanel team.
so it will not premium unless they (cyberpanel) pay that guy (spamassasin) :smiley: to developt it reguler

The biggest question is…

Who is going to fix this :smiley:

yeah… usman told us he develop 2.1.3
but now released 2.3.1

I just looked closer at my screenshots and realized it didn’t upgrade at all (I thought it upgraded but wasn’t showing the new versioning feature). There’s an error printed in the upgrade process and I’ve asked for help elsewhere. Thanks for your help folks

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