Query About WordPress + LS Cache - One Click Installation in Cyber Panel



Shows WordPress + LS Cache Installer.

I can Install WordPress in One Click.

Latest WordPress will be Installed There.

But, This Package is an Optimized Version for Litespeed Ent Server?


This is Just another WordPress Stock Package with Pre Installed LS Cache?

Same from Here - Download | WordPress.org


Optimized for Litespeed Ent?

Some Managed Cloud Host Companies Like Cloudways Provides an Optimized Version of WordPress Installation, That’s why I asked this Here…


Its stock wordpress, same like every other managed wordpress host with an optimized server, company like cloudways are just providing a optimized server with redis installed, if you hire a decent sysadmin and use a well optimized server with cyberpanel + lscache installed, you will probably surpass what cloudways can do since they are just using nginx + redis + a cdn provider.

If you are confused, my answer to your question is that the one click install is just like cpanel’s softaculous one click wordpress install with additional lscache.

Actually I use

Digital Ocean + Litespeed Ent + Cyber Panel + WordPress Stock + LS Cache + Redis + AWS CDN :slight_smile:

Do you have any suggestions to increase loading speed?

Now, Planning to Launch a New Site,

So, I Downloaded WordPress from Official Site and Done some Modifications.

I thought I was going to Miss some Optimisations by CyberPanel.

Now, I’m Happy…

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You are already using the best configuration for wordpress, i would suggest reading /googling around on how to properly tune your lscache settings as that can be the night/day difference on how your wordpress installation will fare under duress.

Tuning LS is Something I Missed While Learning…

Can You Please Share Some Info…

Sometimes, Minify Settings reduce Loading Time, Sometimes it Increases…

I’m looking to learn how to Tune it for the best.