Public_html Folder Was Deleted

Hello everyone,

I was trying to create a new sub-domain. Firstly, I created the sub-domain. Then, I check the public_html to see the new sub-domain’s folder but there wasn’t a folder for it. So, decided to delete sub-domain and create it again respectively. I moved on list child domains page and found the concerned sub-domain. After that I clicked delete and selected “delete document root” option. Finally, public_html has completely disappeared. And there is nothing about public_html under trash folder or any other folders.

Maybe you think it is about selecting “delete document root” option but I did same thing many times before and it didn’t cause any problem.

I’ll be grateful if you help solving the problem.


Screenshot link:

If your child domain document root was pointing to public_html of main site, it will be deleted as you checked the option.