Proper Brazilian Portuguese translation

@usmannasir, since you are developing a new version that is undoubtedly more modern (v3.0.0), with a completely new design, I would like to offer my services to fully translate the dashboard into correct and grammatically accurate Brazilian Portuguese.

The current versions contain significant Portuguese errors and several words that we don’t even use.

How can we discuss this further?

Hai, you are free to translate any file you want here :slight_smile:

Hello, thank you for responding.

Indeed, but he needs to approve and include it in future updates. :slight_smile:

Sure we can do integration of new translation.

Great, I’ll do that soon. :slight_smile:

@usmannasir There are 3 translation paths:

And in the language options, there is only one “Portuguese” option:

Knowing this, which path is being used?

Furthermore, what is the path or file for the base language?

How does the updating of words or phrases work?

For example:

I’ve seen files with 6,000 lines, others with 7,000, and some with nearly 9,000 lines. It seems that it’s not synchronized.

I apologize if I missed anything; I’m not very familiar with Django.

Let me get back to you on this.

No problem, I’ll wait. Besides, I’ll be waiting for the new major update that you’re going to make because there might be new words or text sets.

The current translation to Brazilian Portuguese is incomplete, and there are glaring errors in grammar, spelling, and overall context. I’ll update and correct all the mistakes.