Problems with "encoding" the files

Hi guys!
My problem is the following, I’m Brazilian and I’m building a system, our language (pt-br) has a lot of accents and this is bothering the performance too much, because if I put a word with accents, after I save the file it removes the letter .


“Classificação” → after saving it looks like this → “Classificao”

apart from “ç” and “ã”, it does not occur in all words, but in most.

how can I solve?

Edit files using FTP and Visual Studio Code (or any other editor) instead of the file manager.

It’s an issue with the file manager and not using utf-8 encoding (?).

cPanel’s (which is what most have probably used before switching to cyberpanel) file manager will show:

" Back up the original file before converting character sets, since this action can produce unexpected results." Please select the character encoding to use when opening this file:

when opening and editing files unless disabled. Hopefully cybpanel can implement something similar in the future.

so unless I use FTP, would I basically switch to cPanel? because I don’t even know where to check if it’s in “UTF-8” to be honest.